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Beef cattle seedstock operation supplying genetics to Stud and Commercial producers to enable greater profit for their bottom line.

The Bayview cattle operations are run in conjunction with a Merino sheep, fat lamb and extensive cropping program.

The Stud calves around 175 stud cows with the emphasis being on producing cattle with easy doing ability to suit our reasonably harsh climates and sees our surplus females being sought after with sales into every state in Australia.  Our genetics have also been sourced overseas with semen sold throughout the UK, America, Canada and New Zealand.

Our major bull sale outlets over the years have been Naracoorte, Dubbo, Belmore Invitational Sale, and Alice Springs along with on-property sales servicing our Northern clients. An invitation to the Bundaleer Invitational Female Sales has seen some of Bayview’s best genetics go up for offer.

In May 2021 Bayview purchased the Stoney Point Complex at Naracoorte with the vision to hold our Inaugural On Property Sale in March 2022.  As part of this vision the Bayview Angus Stud was started with foundation females purchased at the Stoney Point Female Dispersal Sales.

Strong results throughout the years have seen Bayview Shorthorn bulls gain numerous Championships and consistent selling averages at our major outlets. Many of our clients have now become repeat buyers showing their satisfaction in the Bayview progeny.

Along with visual appraisal every animal is now weighed and scanned for all EPD and EBV data, genomically tested, and females are culled for fertility and structural soundness. The Bayview Stud is currently maintaining a JBAS 8 status with the National Johne’s Program, and vaccinates in line with the Immune Ready Program.

With the next generation, Alexandra, James and Luke, coming along and getting involved the Bayview Shorthorns and Angus Stud will still keep breeding strong, reliable cattle for Stud and Commercial producers to enable greater profit for their bottom line.

Any enquiries can be directed to:-

Chris & Anissa Thompson

Mobile – 0407 606 831

Kevin & Pam Thompson
Ph – (08) 8852 1800
Mobile – 0408 087 618

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Bayview Sheep Operation
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Most Successful Exhibitor, Royal Adelaide Show 2016


Bayview purchased the Stoney Point Complex, Lucindale Rd, Naracoorte in early 2021 with the vision to hold our Inaugural Sale  in March 2022.

Our aim was to hope this gives everyone a chance to purchase our genetics within their budget.