2019 Royal Adelaide Show Results

Junior and Grand Champion Bull, Royal Adelaide Show 2019

Junior & Grand Champion Bull
Bayview Wallaby P58 (P)

Bull Under 12mths
Bayview Unique P139 (P)(AI))ET)(AI) – 1st in Class.

Bull Under 16mths
Bayview Vagabond P41 (P)(AI) – 4th in Class.
Bayview Camporeale P39 (P) – 2nd in Class. Reserve Junior Champion Bull.
Bayview Wallaby P58 (P) – 1st in Class. Junior Champion Bull and Grand Champion Bull.

Bull Under 18mths
Bayview Chopper P15 (P)(AI) -3rd in Class.
Bayview Becham P20 (P)(AI) – 1st in Class.

Heifer Under 12mths
Bayview Miss Betty P132 (P)(ET)(AI) – 2nd in Class.

Heifer Under 16mths
Bayview Flossie P67 (P) – 3rd in Class.


  • Two Heifers – 3rd.
  • Two Bulls – 1st.
  • Pair – bull and females under 24mths – 2nd.
  • Sire’s Progeny – 3rd.
  • Breeders’ Group – 1st.
  • Performance Group – EU Class – 1st.
  • Performance Group – Supermarket Class – 1st.